More than seven years of experience supervising a team of audio/video/lighting specialists who support live and streaming events in 5 large auditoriums. Our YouTube channel has more than 78,000 followers. 

More than seven years of experience administering and supporting a learning management system, video streaming service, and enterprise survey tool. (Instructure's Canvas LMS, Panopto Video, Qualtrics Survey Platform and Course Evaluation tool). 

More than three years of experience supporting a One-Button video recording studio. 

More than fifteen years of experience as a designer and administrator in WebCT, Vista, and Blackboard Learning Management Systems

More than thirteen years of experience with PeopleSoft’s StudentAdmin module in versions 7.6, 8.0, and 9.0.

More than nine years of experience developing and managing relational databases in MicroSoft Access

Served on the University of Connecticut’s E-Portfolio implementation and training team

More than fifteen years of experience designing and supporting more than a dozen websites using DreamWeaver and WordPress

More than eleven years of experience with the StudentAdmin Data Mart using BRIO Insight 6.0, Hyperion 9, and WebFocus