I cannot keep this page current, let's just talk tech...

This is Wheaton College's new (2017) lightboard in our Chatlos teaching studio. (see below)

More than fifteen years of experience as a designer and administrator in WebCT, Vista, and Blackboard Learning Management Systems

    • Used WebTutor supplemental material to enhance WebCT

    • Trained 60 students each year in WebCT basics (from Campus Edition through Vista)

    • Continue to manage a Help Desk/Call Center that provides 1st tier support to 28,000 students for a Blackboard LMS

More than thirteen years of experience with PeopleSoft’s StudentAdmin module in versions 7.6, 8.0, and 9.0.

    • Trained 330 new students each year in StudentAdmin basics

    • Conversant in student, instructor, and advisor roles

More than nine years of experience developing and managing relational databases in MicroSoft Access

    • Designed ten different databases and trained other staff to utilize them effectively for reporting and analysis

    • Populated these databases through a FOCEXEC Program called STUBIO and then (after May 2002) through the StudentAdmin Data Mart.

Served on the University of Connecticut’s E-Portfolio implementation and training team

More than fifteen years of experience designing and supporting more than a dozen websites using DreamWeaver and WordPress

More than eleven years of experience with the StudentAdmin Data Mart using BRIO Insight 6.0, Hyperion 9, and WebFocus

    • Developed 88 reports for the School of Business (making them available over the Intranet)

    • Trained School of Business faculty and staff to utilize BRIO QuickView to run reports